Uilleann Pipes

Current Prices

Each instrument features the highest quality materials available and is built to the same high level of craftsmanship. Ebony is the standard timber for all parts with the exception of the mainstock and bellow sides which are either cherry or black walnut. Optional timbers are available on request.
Brass is standard for all metal parts, and all sets are available with nickel plating as an option. Please inquire about the current cost of nickel plating. All keywork is done completely by hand and is sprung with commercially available springs.
Regulators feature a plunger type endcap in addition to the traditional tuning pin to aid in stability and tuning.
All pipe chanters are voiced with the aid of a stroboscope to insure accuracy of tuning and are set up to play at concert pitch A=440. Pipes are shipped fully reeded and in good working order.


A 10% non-refundable deposit is necessary upon receipt of your order with final payment due when the set is completed.
Shipping costs will be added to the final payment.
Please call or e-mail for current availability.
Note: All prices are in US Dollars and are current as of 16 September 2018.


Practice Set - Ebony chanter with brass reed cap and block mounts for the addition of F natural, G sharp, and B flat keys, which may be added at a later date (some re-voicing of the chanter may be required). Padded bellows and high quality airtight leather bag included. $1975

Half Set - Practice set with the addition of a mainstock and three drones with shut-off switch. The mainstock is pre-bored to accept regulators. $3950

Three Quarter Set - Three Quarter Set - Half set with the addition of tenor and baritone regulators INQUIRE

Full Set - Three quarter set with the addition of the bass regulator. Please note that when adding a bass regulator to an existing set, the mainstock, tenor and baritone regulators must be returned for proper fitting of the bass regulator and for adjustment of key heights. INQUIRE

Individual Items

Keyless Pipe Chanter - Ebony chanter with brass reed cap and block mounts for optional keys. $1150

Chanter Keys - C natural, F natural, and G sharp keys. $225 each

Wooden Reed Cap - Serves the same purpose as the brass reed cap, but is more aesthetically pleasing. $300

Stop Key - A wooden reed cap with the addition of a valve key for stopping the air supply to the chanter for greater ease in fine tuning of drones and regulators. The key may be positioned on either the front or back of the chanter. $550

Mainstock and three drones - Converts Practice set to half set. $1975

Regulators -

  • Tenor - 5 keys for F sharp, G, A, B, and C natural. INQUIRE
  • Baritone - 4 keys for D, F sharp, G, and A. INQUIRE
  • Bass - 4 keys for G, A, B, and C natural INQUIRE

Bellows - Walnut or cherry sides, padded and complete with leather waist and arm straps. $450

Reeds -
  • Chanter reeds $150
  • Regulator reeds $150
  • Drone reeds - Composite brass and plastic for greater stability (Cane drone reeds are no longer available). Set of three. $200

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