Uilleann Pipes

"I'm a pub session player here in San Diego, CA. I own a half-set of Kirk Lynch pipes, as well as a second chanter, with my regulators on order. The chanters both play easily and beautifully in tune. I have had no problems whatsoever in the three years I've owned my set. I can't say enough good things about Kirk's work, and I highly recommend his instruments whenever people ask me who I would suggest for a set of Uilleann pipes."
Michael Eskin

Eliot Grasso "Kirk Lynch pipes have been my instrument of choice. For the past seven years, I have played them in countless concerts and festivals as well as recorded with them on several albums. Kirk's pipes are durable, the tuning is impeccable and the tone of the chanter is bright and clear. He achieves a rarely found balance among the chanter, drones and regulators, while also incorporating aesthetic beauty. I have been completely satisfied not only with Kirk's pipes, but with my transactions with him. These instruments are well worth the cost and the wait."
Hear Eliot playing his Kirk Lynch pipes on his new CD Standing Room Only.
Eliot Grasso Baltimore, Maryland

"I am completely satisfied with my set of Kirk Lynch pipes. His instruments have beautiful tone, spot-on intonation, and remarkable playability. Kirk's chanters have excellent response and are perfect for open-style pipers and tight staccato-style pipers alike. His regulators are ergonomically positioned and easy to tune. Kirk's pipes are also extremely stable in many different weather conditions. I have performed, recorded, and played in sessions across America and Ireland with my set of Lynch pipes, and they have never disappointed me. Kirk is also an excellent piper, so he knows how pipes should sound and play like few other makers do. His pipes are perfect for pipers of all skill levels."
Isaac Alderson
2002 All-Ireland Senior Champion Uilleann Pipes, Flute, and Whistle

Kieran O'Hare Hear Kieran O'Hare playing his full set of Kirk Lynch Uilleann Pipes on his self-titled debut album.

"One of the most difficult things about playing the pipes is simply maintaining them. Through sub-zero degree winters and ninety-five degree summers, not only does my Kirk Lynch chanter not combust, but it plays in-tune with itself and the rest of the world. If something evil does happen (like a reed mutilating heat wave, or the loch ness monster), Kirk is very accessible and extremely helpful. On top of being very stable and durable, Kirk's pipes sound amazing. Their bright, smooth, distinctive tone makes them fun to play and great to listen to. Of course without reeds the pipes are nothing but a bag of sticks, and Kirk makes some of the best reeds I've played. Highly recommended (i.e. these pipes kick some @$$)"
Tyler Duncan
All-Ireland '99 and 2000 on the Uilleann Pipes, Tyler also plays in the band Millish

"Kirk Lynch is an incredibly talented craftsman as regards the art of uilleann pipemaking. I have never seen better metalwork or cleaner woodturning on a set of uilleann pipes. The intonation and response on the chanter that I have are superb. I used it for all the D chanter work on my last recording, "The Gift." A number of the pieces on that recording were extremely chromatic and the chanter came up smiling every time. No doubt Kirk's considerable talent and experience as a guitarist and uilleann piper are a major reason for the general excellence of the intonation, response, and appearance of his instruments."
Jerry O'Sullivan, Recording Artist, website

I owe Kirk about as much as any piper can owe his mentor. If not for his support and tutelage, my piping would be a non-starter.
Kevin Popejoy, Columbia, Missouri

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